Summer School Newsletter for July 1-July 31, 2019

June 27, 2019


Dear Student:


Welcome to summer learning at Palliser Beyond Borders! 


Work Experience Students

  • Your contacts for Work Experience will remain the same for approval of summer work placements and contact over the summer months.  Information in the rest of this letter does not apply if you are not taking an online course.


Jen Coutts

Off Campus Teacher (Coaldale, Coalhurst, Nobleford, Picture Butte, Vulcan and areas)

(403) 894-1328


Charlene Foster

Off Campus Teacher (Calgary)


For all online learning students


Summer school starts July 2 and ends July 31, 2019. All courses must be completed by the last day in July. We do not have staff in August. The summer school schedule and information is provided here on our website:


We have received your request to study with us during the 2019 Summer Term. Your course can be accessed from our website on the top right hand corner using the student login

Or directly at this link:


Log into your email and use the google red button to single sign on to moodle:

All correspondence after this moment will be to your student email account. Please start checking that daily. You will receive automated messages from your courses to indicate there is feedback or marks to check. In addition, all announcements posted to the Moodle dashboard are emailed to your school email account.


If you are starting a new course, you will be added to it upon completion of the GO (Getting Online) course.  The GO course needs to be completed by July 2, 2019. If it is not completed by that date, you will not be added to your regular course for the summer session. 



  • Students will be expected to attend to their learning by attending online and checking in with your teacher, three mornings  a week from 9:30- 11:30 (see moodle dashboard for link)
  • Complete your course by July 31, 2018
  • Must attend orientation meeting online July 2nd at 9:30am with Acting Principal, Stephanie Krammer. You will meet the teachers, deadlines and expectations will be explained. Join online at (see moodle dashboard for link)




  • Before July 2 refer to the drop in Blackboard schedule on our Moodle dashboard. Drop in to any of those sessions for immediate help
  • See here for more information about using Blackboard so you can access live instruction.
  • Last chance: On July 2, you can join us online at (see moodle dashboard for link) to get help in completing the course. 


If you are continuing your course from the current school year please note the completion deadlines.  You will not have access to your course after the completion deadline. If you have not completed the course, you will be withdrawn and marked incomplete.  If you intend on completing the course, you can apply to register in September.




Please note that students must be logged in to their Palliser gmail on one tab while logged in to their Moodle course on another tab. This will facilitate single sign on between Google and the Moodle course. If students cannot open a google link in the Moodle course it is typically because they are not logged into their Palliser gmail account. In the summer session, only those students who have completed GO by July 2, 2019 will be permitted to take their requested course for completion in the summer. 



Students need to plan to work on a 5 credit course about 5 hours a day to successfully complete in this compressed summer schedule. Use this calculator and our tables to figure out time required to be committed to complete either a 1,3,or 5 credit course. 


In the summer session, students may be enrolled in one course. They may then have one course pending. We will not accept registrations for more than the designated amount.




Unit tests will be offered in a password protected and invigilated online in our classroom at Students may be asked to use their camera and share their screens with the teacher to ensure academic integrity. Additionally you may be asked to provide an approved proctor. You must prior arrange all final exams with your teacher.




Students must write their final course exam onsite under the supervision of one of our teachers in our password protected exam environment. You must prior arrange all final exams with your teacher.


Sign up here for writing your final exam (live link on moodle dashboard or in your letter)


Tuesday July 30

Final exams for English and Social students - must be pre-arranged and written on one of our sites


Wednesday July 31

FINAL EXAMS for ALL other courses - must be pre-arranged and written on one of our sites


Palliser Beyond Borders at Coaldale  1915 20 AVE.

Palliser Beyond Borders at Calgary Suite 120,2635 37 Ave.NE



July 31, 2018 - ALL courses for August reporting period must be completed including final exams

  • Report cards will be emailed out as students conclude their courses via an email confirmation. 
  • Completed credits will be reported to Alberta Education in August and will appear on student transcripts immediately. 




Diploma courses are those that have the provincial diploma exam at the end. Only students who meet the diploma course deadline will be eligible to write their diploma exam in that sitting.


*Students who have previously written the diploma are now required to register themselves to rewrite the diploma and pay the rewrite fee ($26.25) using MyPass.


Diploma exams are invigilated in August at one of the writing centres. You must call and ensure they have a seat available to write, and that they can provide accommodations you need and to request a computer if you need one. 


Diploma exam information is on our website. 




Depending on registrations teachers will communicate details for time and place for diploma reviews. All courses include diploma review materials. More study materials can be found at our website, right at the bottom of the page.

  • July 31 - times to be determined by course instructor
    • English diploma review
    • Social Studies diploma review
    • Math 30-1/30-2 diploma review
    • Physics diploma review
    • Biology Diploma review
    • Chemistry diploma review
    • Science diploma review


We are a PLAGIARISM free zone!


We take plagiarism very seriously. You can read our plagiarism policy here. It is found in the red box under “Plagiarism and Cheating”.


Palliser Beyond Borders Summer School 


Contact Information: 


Keith Harrison Matthew Stevens

English/Social Studies Math/Science

Cell: (403) 915-8555 Cell: (403) 915-7265

Email: Email:

Stephanie Krammer, Acting Principal


587 433 4128


*Teachers will be available by appointment online, by phone, or other arrangements as coordinated with teachers *



2019 Summer Schedule

What’s Going On? Click here for our calendar.

Meet your teacher! Click here to connect with your teacher’s eteacher page

Need help? Click here for summer school information

Best Regards,

Alison Hancox, MET


Palliser Beyond Borders


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I had a great semester having you as my teacher.  I still want to thank you for being a very patient teacher with me. It is very rare to have very supportive, flexible and understanding teacher who reply very fast.

Student, grade 12

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