Self-Regulation Parent Information Evening September 26, 2017 in Calgary, 6-7 pm

Self-Regulation Parent Information Evening

Palliser Regional Schools is proud to partner with the Mehrit Centre on a self-regulation project and will be hosting a parent information night on Thursday, September 28from 6:00-7:00 p.m. at Menno Simons Christian School.

The Mehrit Centre is led by renowned professor Dr. Stuart Shanker and his work focuses on self-regulation and how to teach children to manage their stress, emotions and behaviours.   This 5-step process looks at the stress-cycle and teaches students how to manage stressors by:

Ø  Reframing the behaviour

Ø  Recognize the stressors

Ø  Reduce the stress

Ø  Reflect:  Enhance stress awareness

Ø  Respond:  develop personalized strategies to promote resilience & restoration

Effective self-regulation requires learning to recognize and respond to stress in all its many facets, positive and negatives. Susan Hopkins from the Mehrit Centre will provide an overview of the self-regulation model and answer questions. 

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The Outreach symbolizes freedom to learn at your own level, express yourself, your ideas and your own way of doing work. 

Travis, 12

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