Scholarship Opportunity - John Hasselfield Endowment Foundation Scholarship Program 2018

This is a reminder of the approaching deadline of March 1st, 2018  for the John Hasselfield Endowment Foundation Scholarship Program.  The Board of the Foundation offers one (1) round of scholarships each year in the Spring.


John Hasselfield Website


 John Hasselfield - Application and Criteria


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The Director's award recipient: in conjunction with the high school, we have a very successful drama program where students can gain experience and high school credit in drama and technical theatre. This award recognizes a student who who best fulfills the following characteristics: has a high academic standing in drama; demonstrates a passion for drama which is expressed through an excellent attitude to drama practice and performance; shows enthusiasm for drama which positively impacts other students in their class and the wider school community; shows positive leadership during drama work; has good or excellent learning skills in all areas.

Mrs. Porath, Teacher

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