Palliser wants to hear if you are interested in K-9 online for 2021-2022

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

You are invited to express interest in our K-9 Palliser Beyond Borders’ online instruction for 2021-2022. The program information is now posted on our website The form to be completed is now posted at the top of the page. Please complete this form before May 14, 2021. 


To Express Interest in the program - we need to hear from you by May 14, 2021. 


Palliser Regional Schools is committed to running this program for the entire year next academic year. You are asked to make the same commitment. We will not be able to accommodate requests to transition back and forth between brick and mortar school instruction and online instruction. 


Why choose this program?

  • We have successful experience delivering a vibrant online learning experience for elementary, junior high students.
  • Our program builds student teacher relationships to support successful student learning.
  • Our students ARE successfully learning online. 
  • Our students ARE engaged and successfully learning through project based, cross curricular opportunities to show their learning.
  • We celebrate and love to see our students' learning. (See some samples below)


Choose us if you want:

  • high quality education
  • expert teachers
  • safe and caring online learning environment
  • flexibility in curriculum delivery

Students will be expected to: 

  • join instruction with their teacher on a daily basis. 
  • have reliable internet access
  • have a working headset, camera, and computer
  • have the support of a parent who can work as a learning partner with our teacher to help manage navigation, assignment completion and communication with the teacher.


Open houses: to attend an Open House complete this form.

  • Wednesday March 31 @ 6:30 pm
  • Wednesday April 14 @ 6:30 pm
  • When we receive your request we will send a calendar invitation to your which includes the Google Meet link to attend virtually.


Next Steps:

  • By May 31, 2021, Palliser Regional Schools will determine what grades we can offer next year based on demand. At that point we will confirm we can accommodate your request and will send you registration information. 


Best Regards

Alison Hancox, MET


Palliser Beyond


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From taking the CALM 20 course online through Palliser Beyond Borders. I have learned an indescribable amount of content! Through taking this course by this method I have had the opportunity of gaining a greater perspective. I have come to understand that everyone learns differently. This is why to many students this course is perfect.

Torrie, student, grade 12

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