Celebrating Student Success

What do these lovely ladies have in common and why would others want to study at Palliser Beyond Borders?

Both have smiling faces, we agree! Morgan, on the left was a student at Palliser Beyond Borders last year and has since graduated from Palliser. Stephanie Krammer on the right, was Morgan's psychology teacher.

One question often asked of teachers who work online is "How do you even know your students?" The truth is we do! 

Research and best practices for teaching online and effectively learning online tells us that students are most successful when there is a strong rapport between student and teacher. One of the first tasks we teachers focus on is building a strong teaching and learning relationship with our students. We do this face to face, using collaborative teaching tools and 20th century technology, the phone. We know students complete courses and improve their levels of achievement when there is frequent communication, formative assessment and feedback. 

Morgan wrote to Mrs. Krammer this year from Lethbridge College and gave her this feedback about learning in her classroom last year: 

"I'm so happy to have had a teacher as wonderful as you were, and I was so excited to be able to keep in contact with you and share my experiences in your courses and the experiences I am having in my College Psychology courses.

To begin, I just want to say I miss being in your classes so much! I loved literally every project I did in both Psychology and Forensics, and I loved how you were always available to help or give me creative freedom in my assignment. 

Again thank you so much for everything, because if it wasn't for great teachers like you, I wouldn't have enjoyed school as much, and I probably wouldn't have discovered what I am truly passionate about. It's the teachers who have a connection with their students and share their passion are the ones who influence those around them the most. Thanks to the help from you and from my regular teachers in school, I was able to come out as a Most Improved Student and as a Top Performer in Social Studies 30-2. It goes to show what having good teachers and good programs can do!"

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Alison relates and connects with students on a personal level. Not only does she realize that students learn best when they are in their element, but she works tirelessly to ensure that her students are comfortable with themselves and who they must work with.


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