Celebrating our graduating class of 2018

Congratulations to our 7 graduates and our 2 valedictorians, Mahnoor and John. We are very proud of you all! You can see more photos from our grad by following this link.

Words from our Valedictorians

John:  "Although, I have spoken about my own experiences, I believe the message is that it is never too late to complete your education. More importantly, I believe that education, is a life long experience.

I have to admit that when I enrolled last September, I had thought the journey to today, would have been much more difficult and arduous than turned out to be the case.

I truly believe this class of 2018 will have an impact on the future. I believe that every individual who sets their mind to improving themselves, especially those who made the extra effort to complete their education outside of the typical time-frame, will also have an impact on those around them."

Mahnoor: "Your education here enables you to think outside the box and learn from everyone and every experience you may deal with. Your time here has shaped you into individuals who can change the world however small or large. You might only have one match but you can make an explosion." 

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I have to tell you how impressed he was with how quickly his teachers responded to his questions. The technology worked great and he valued the opportunity to experience online learning. He did say he missed working with his friends, but he now knows he can learn online successfully. Yesterday, we finally received his Grade 10 schedule, and thanks to his completion of CALM, he can access one of the electives he really wanted. His schedule had additional flexibility thanks to Palliser Beyond Borders! Thank you all for your efforts. When I showed my son what his schedule could look like, he was genuinely excited about the coming year.


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