Homeschooling vs Online Schooling

What is the Difference between Homeschooling and Online Schools?

Homeschooling and Online Learning are the two major alternative education options available in Alberta. Often times, these two delivery methods are confused with one another. It is important for parents to understand the benefits of both to determine which one complements the family’s lifestyle and, more importantly, their child’s learning needs.

Here are some key distinctions:

  1. Online schools are publically funded school directed, rather than parent lead.
  2. The curriculum for homeschooling is chosen by the parent, but in the case of online schools we follow the Alberta Program of Studies.
  3. Homeschool curriculums can be faith-based or respond to cultural, religious, linguistic or family needs, whereas online schools  follow the curricular outcomes of the provincial curriculum.
  4. Students studying through online schools are taught by certified teachers who are trained to engage students online. Student success is enhanced when we partner with parents to help monitor progress at home. 

Palliser Beyond Borders offers students an opportunity to receive a quality education in a safe, structured online teaching and learning community. Our courses are available 24/7 from anywhere in the world, and are created by teachers dedicated to academic excellence.

I have to admit that when I enrolled last September, I had thought the journey to today, would have been much more difficult and arduous than turned out to be the case.

John, 2018 Graduate, 12

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