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Stephanie Krammer, wins Prime Minister's Excellence in teaching award

We are so very proud to announce that Stephanie Krammer has been awarded the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence. 

See the The Vulcan Advocate for their media coverage: 

"The Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence honours outstanding and innovative elementary and secondary school teachers in all disciplines. Recipients are recognized for their leadership and exemplary teaching practices as well as for their commitment to help the next generation of Canadians gain the knowledge and skills they need for future success in a world inspired by ideas and driven by innovation."

Stephanie Krammer acts as Acting Principal at times and exemplifies excellence in leadership and teaching. 

See the announcement on the Government of Canada website. 

Stephanie is well known in our Palliser circles for the orientation course she offers to Palliser students who are beginning their journey online with Palliser Beyond Borders. She has conducted more than 600 "crash courses" orienting students to the online world, and teaching them to be effective online learners. 

Stephanie has developed some of her online courses to function on mobile technology and advocates for access to technology for all students.

We love having Stephanie as part of our team at Palliser. Congratulations.

Palliser Beyond Borders Wins International Award

Palliser Beyond Borders Earns International Award

Palliser Beyond Borders was selected as winner for these two Blackboard Catalyst Awards which recognise educators and administrators who are passionate about using technology in education and collaborating on best practices. 

Professional Development: This award recognizes those who use Blackboard programs to support and enhance their faculty and staff’s professional development.

Palliser Beyond Borders, Alberta, Canada: All staff members

As the online teaching and learning community of Palliser Regional Schools, Palliser Beyond Borders has created a powerful professional learning model that incorporates on-boarding, mentorship, professional learning communities, and weekly collaborative training that focuses on student completion and achievement. Quality professional development has led to genuine student success. Over the last three years, Palliser Beyond Borders has grown from 27 to over 680 current students, with an overall high school student completion rate improving vastly in that time frame, from 65% to 97%.

Student Success: This award recognizes individuals and/or institutions whose creative program application has led to increased retention, increased completion, and/or improved outcomes.

Palliser Beyond Borders, Alberta, Canada: All staff members

Palliser Beyond Borders, the online teaching and learning community of Palliser Regional Schools, is leading the way in education across Alberta and Western Canada, combining exemplary leadership, collaboration and lifelong learning practices to fuel student success. Hand in hand with quality professional development is their ability to inspire students. With consistent course design, an 8-pronged communication plan between students and teachers, teacher training and improved operational systems, Palliser Beyond Borders boasts a high school student completion rate that improved from 65% to 97% in just three years. They've recently gone global with students in Hong Kong, Nigeria and China, and are the model for the complete learning environment.

See the full story here

Alison Hancox, Principal, Palliser Beyond Borders

Alison Hancox, Principal, Palliser Beyond Borders

Alison Hancox, Principal, Palliser Beyond Borders

Alison has been Principal at Palliser Beyond Borders since 2013.

  • Principal of 5 schools in Palliser and founding principal of Palliser's online learning program and school.
  • Has led the implementation of Palliser Beyond Borders and its growth from 27 students to over 700 students across Palliser. Recognised for improving completion rates to 97% in the last year. 
  • Recipient of  The Learning Partnership 2017 Outstanding Principal of the year recognized for opening 2 new schools in Alberta and increasing completion rates from 65% to 97% over a three year period. February 2017
  • Alberta Distinguished School Leadership Award - recognized for leading innovative change for 21st century learning, 2013
  • University of Southern Queensland Faculty of Education Alumnus of the Year Award - recognized leadership and innovation in education, 2011
  • Edmonton Public Schools’ An Act to Follow Award – recognizing instructional leadership as part of a team of 19 high school teachers which increased high school completion rates from 63% to 92 % over a 3 year period. 2009.
  • Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence, 2008.
  • Elluminate Centre of Excellence Award for Instructional Excellence, 2008
  • Alberta Excellence in Teaching and Smarter Kids foundation for Innovative Use of Technology, 2007
  • Reader’s Digest of Canada - Co-recipient of an award for leadership in education, 1996.
  • University of Toronto - Faculty of Education Arnolds Balins Award for academic excellence and leadership in education, 1990.


Cool thanks! I really enjoyed the GO course.

Student message to teacher after receiving news of successful completion of our orientation course, 10

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