Summer School July 4-August 4

Registration for summer school opens May 1. Closes July 4.

Summer School runs July 4- August 4 (Diploma exams are the following week) 

Figuring out time required to complete a summer course? Summer School will require students to spend as much time learning in the compressed four week period as they would spend in the classroom during the semester. the general rule of thumb is a 5 credit course requires 125 hours. Students have one month to complete the course. They should plan to be working on the course 5 hours a day if they plan to work weekdays and less if they pan to work weekdays and weekends.  

Getting Online Orientation: Please note that the Getting Online course is required for all students who have not completed this 3 credit online orientation. This prepares the students for learning how to be successful online and is a required prerequisite for all online courses. Our data shows us that students successfully complete after 14-16 log ins who spend an hour or more with each log in. If students log in every day and work for an hour they can complete this course in two weeks. (Students who take longer, interestingly enough still log in between 14-16 times but spread their completion time over a longer period of time). This course must be completed by July 11.

No courses will be added to a student registration after July 12 for summer completion.

Summer School Registration

Summer school runs in July and part of August each year. This is an opportunity for students to do a course in a compressed amount of time. Summer school registration will open May 1 each year. Please note there will be a non-refundable $25.00 summer registration fee. 

Registering for summer school if you are a Palliser student who has not completed your current course by June 1 (diploma) and June 10 (not diploma)

Students who have not completed 50% of the material and assessments in their courses by May 1st must choose one of the three options by completing the Student Intentions form:

  1. Declare their intention of registering in the summer semester to complete Please note there is a $25.00 fee for summer registration, the summmer registration form can be found here

  2. Declare their intention of registering in the fall semester to complete. Please note there may be a fee for re-registration.

  3. Finish their course by the June deadline or have the course submitted to Alberta Education as a withdraw on the student’s transcript


Second Semester Deadlines:

Please note that courses need to be completed within one calendar year of the student’s start date. These deadlines mean that all assignments and exams must be submitted on or before the date.

Diploma Courses: June 1, 2016

Non-diploma Courses: June 10, 2016

Any work submitted after the deadline will not be assessed until the subsequent semester begins. Please be in touch with your teacher(s) directly before this date if you have questions or concerns.

Diploma Registration for Diploma Courses:

All students registered in a diploma course must fill out the Diploma Registration form to indicate when they plan to write their diploma exam throughout their course. It is the student’s responsibility to edit their response should their intentions change. Please note the registration deadline for August is July 4, 2016.

Students who have previously written the diploma are now required to register themselves to rewrite the diploma and pay the rewrite fee ($26.25) using MyPass.

Summer Course Deadlines

Diploma courses are those that have the provincial diploma exam at the end. Only students who meet the diploma course deadline will be eligible to write their diploma exam in that sitting.

August 4, 2016 - Diploma courses for those writing diploma exams in August

August 4, 2016 - Non-diploma courses for August reporting period

Report cards will be emailed out as students conclude their courses.

Summer Teacher Contact information


Keith Harrison

Phone: (403) 915-8555

Palliser Beyond Borders Email:



Lee Porath

Phone: (403) 485-6180

Fax: (403) 485-6196

Vulcan Outreach School 

Box 390, 102B 1 Street South, Vulcan, Alberta T0L 2B0 

Cell: (403) 485-1543


Notices for Summer School - these are sent home by email.

As a student who had the distinct opportunity of working with Alison, I have seen a teacher who can change the learning process for the better. As principal of PBB, Alison understands first hand that students can learn, often more effectively, in a variety of environments beyond classroom walls. Her understanding of this concept allows for creative exposure of learning opportunities to students.

Andrew, 12

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