Exam Policy

Each course has different exam protocols depending on the subject.

  1. Be in touch with your teacher to book your exam writing. Organizing final exams requires a little coordination with your school to ensure we have a Palliser staff who will supervise and that the exam and password are made available to your school site.
  2. The Palliser Beyond Borders teacher will confirm that the student has met all the prerequisite skills in preparation for the summative assessment. this is also true for diploma exams. 
  3. Students must work with the teacher through the teaching, learning and assessment process which includes both formative and summative assessment. Students can not hand in assignments the day before an exam or diploma exam and expect that permission will be granted to wrtie a final exam or diploma exam. Teacher feedback and opportunity for improvement is part of the learning process before summative assessments take place. 
  4. Please give your teacher one day notice to make the arrangements.  Passwords MUST be requested a minimum of a business day in advance for an exam. (IE. Thursday for a Monday writing)
  5. This includes the Outreaches. If Palliser staff is not available we will need to make Proctor arrangements, which require forms and signatures.
  6. Proctor Policy is found here
  7. Proctor form is found here
  8. The plagiarism policy applies to exams and student exams will be nullified if found to have been plagiarized. 

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