Palliser utilizes agency-based international student recruitment, which help families overseas looking for ESL opportunities in Canada. We believe Palliser Beyond Borders, the international program for Palliser Regional Schools, offers international students one of the best ESL opportunities available in Alberta, effectively preparing students to attend Canadian universities.

Palliser Beyond Borders welcomes partnerships with international student recruitment agencies wishing to bring students to study in Southern Alberta. Palliser offers a safe and caring learning environment for all of our students. Our staff are experienced in teaching second language learners in engaging and effective ways.

If you are interested in recruiting high school students to study in one of the top performing school divisions in Alberta we encourage you to contact us.

International students give our kids and the larger community an insight into their culture and their backgrounds. Through Palliser Beyond Borders international program, we can bring the world to southern Alberta, and many benefits flow both ways.

Colleen Dietz, Board Chair,

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